About STARK GROUP Sourcing

Since August 2017 all sourcing activities for all STARK GROUP business units have been organised in one Nordic team locally present in all Nordic countries.

The purpose of STARK GROUP Sourcing is

Providing the most competitive terms
it matters most to our stakeholders and customers


We are highly competent professionals all engaged in handling purchase of labelled and own branded assortment to Beijer, Neumann, STARK Denmark and STARK Finland.

All sourcing activities derive from a sourcing strategy focusing on assortment development and assortment related to the customer served to be our four business units. A key part of our sourcing activities includes an efficient collaboration with a number of strategic and preferred suppliers.

The strategy contributes to significant cost savings on the buying side, better prices, higher service level for group customers and advantages to the suppliers selected.

Our product range and competitive position are being improved through the increased import of products through our own sourcing offices. One of the effects of these efforts is more efficient productions of the Groups' own brands. The own brand department reports to the STARK GROUP Sourcing organisation.


STARK GROUP Sourcing is organised in seven teams:

Udklip org chart.JPG



The management team of STARK GROUP Sourcing consist of:         

  • Jørgen Holmgaard, CEO                                                                                                                     
  • Pasi Korhonen, Sourcing Director (Finland) 
  • Lars N. Jepsen, Sourcing Director (Denmark) 
  • Lars Ivar Tveten, Sourcing Director (Norway) 
  • Peter Sjöström, Sourcing Director (Sweden) 
  • Bo Vestergaard , Own Brand Director
  • Christian Walsted Buch, Sourcing Excellence Manager
  • Tommy Hjorth, HR Director